•Photo restoration of minor damaged photographs
•Restoration for both black & white and color photos
•Repair of all sorts of damage; stains, scratches, water, sun damage, cracks, tears etc...
•Color corrections
•Paper texture removal

•Removing unwanted objects (by request only)

1. Scan your photos at a minimum of 300 dpi. Use RGB color mode even if photo is a black & white.
          2. Turn off any photo enhancement features your scanner may have.
      3. Then attach the photos to an e-mail to us with a description of what you want done including your name, address, and phone number

If requesting more than one picture contact us at doniainart@yahoo.com for a discount.
Each file will be re-stored to a print resolution of 300dpi and will be emailed to you in the standard size of 8"x10" (23.32x25.4cm). If needing a larger size of your photos please let us know. Lastly, files will be emailed in .jpg format. If .jpg is not the format you would prefer, please send us an email so we may give you the adequate file type you desire.

 Photo Restoration & Re-Coloring          

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A big thank you to Mr Hrair Jabagchourian for allowing us to use his families' B/W picture as a demonstration to display our work.

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